NPR blames hipsters for low census returns in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

NPR ran a story about how only 36% of Williamsburg residents have returned the census, compared with an overall average of around 50% in New York City.

Click this link to listen to it.

The NPR reporter refers to “ironic mustaches” and “wacky bikes” with derision. They interviewed two bros who work in a record store in Williamsburg, one who says that it’s “just another form” that has nothing to do with “your life”. Apparently all it would take this bro to fill it out is $5. Doesn’t take much to sell out. A girl they interview takes the “damn the man” stance. Some how, the interviewer also realizes the Hasidic Jewish population doesn’t want to return it either. Apparently they’re more alt then the hipsters, since they don’t “watch TV” or pay attention to “mass media”, so they might not be “aware” of the census. The reporter’s conclusion seems to be the Hasidic Jews will fill it out if you make the census “cool”. Idk. There are also two blogs that have taken issue with NPR’s story. I guess they’re not too lazy to whine about unfair characterizations. One blog claims it’s racism on the part of NPR, because they’re ignoring the low turnout rates from minority citizens. Stephen Colbert mentioned it on his show as well. I wonder if this is a bit of “biting the hand that feeds it” since NPR probably has a healthy hipster population as its listenership.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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