Official “Drunk Girls” video is antithesis to “fan video”?

LCD Soundsystem released the official video for “Drunk Girls”, which features people in shitty panda costumes (really shitty) abusing in various ways James Murphy, Nancy Whang, and that other dude who plays drums. Kind of like the pandas are doing “experiments” on them? I have no clue. The video was co-directed by Spike Jonze, and I’d honestly rather go watch some Eric Wareheim videos instead. I guess, Murphy kept his promise of “i’m not going to make many expensive videos. know why? no one plays videos” which he said on his myspace. The “fan video”, which has been taken down, had more to do with the actual song since it was clips and pics of drunk chicks, despite Murphy finding it to be “everything” he “hates”. As Murphy said, the song is, “about drunk people and fun things and the fact that all of the boys of the L.A. mansion we recorded at were called ‘the girls’ by our chef. We were the ladies of the mansion.” Ah well, the album has leaked, so LCD Soundsystem are now streaming it on their site. Of course, the album is excellent. James Murphy has claimed this is the last LCD Soundsystem album. I usually think those proclamations are bullshit, but we’ll see. At least Nancy Whang has The Juan MacLean. Don’t know about the drummer though…


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