Interpol…. new song, new logo, same sound

No one, including me, liked their last album Our Love To Admire much. I cannot explain why, it sounded like Interpol, but something was missing. Maybe good tunes, I don’t know. Maybe the magic was gone. Anyway, if you give Interpol your e-mail address so they can spam you, you get a free download of their new song and a video which shows the “creation” of their new logo. No joke. I guess after no one liked Our Love To Admire, they decided they needed to reboot. The song is pretty good… but it sounds like Interpol. So, new logo, same sound. Who knows. I also wonder if the song title is supposed evoke memories of their first album, Turn On The Bright Lights.

Interpol – Lights

Here is a link to their site, where you can see the silly video of their new logo being “created” and download the song.


One Comment to “Interpol…. new song, new logo, same sound”

  1. Loved Turn On The Bright Lights, loved Antics… couldn’t stand Our Love To Admire. Mammoth and Heinrich Maneuver were good songs but the rest of it was like trying to plow through a darkened tunnel with no torch and a brick wall in front of you. This sounds like that. I’m getting worried. What happened to the goodness of his Julian Plenti project??

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