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May 3, 2010

Simpsons opening done to Ke$ha’s “TiK ToK”

This makes me like the song 50X more. Don’t know how long Fox will let this clip survive on youtube.

April 23, 2010

Gorillaz – Stylo live w/ Bobby Womack, Mick Jones, Paul Simonon

I think their live performance is better than the album version. Womack tears it, and Albarn has such a great voice live.

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April 22, 2010

Ke$ha… so bad it’s good?

I haven’t talked about Ke$ha yet. I’ve heard her album, Animal, and it’s fun in a trashy, guilty pleasure way. Some of her songs are catchy. But, it’s not “good” in an artistic sense. Here’s Ke$ha’s performances of “Tik Tok” and “Your Love Is My Drug” on SNL last weekend. First, not everyone needs to have dance routines. Especially this… well… white. And, the two astronaut “dancers” dance like they were fans of hers off the line waiting to get in and Ke$ha paid them $20. Second, she clearly needs her auto-tune. And, is it just me, or does she sound somewhat like Alanis Morissette? Third, she clearly is trying to do a “conceptual” costume/art direction thing like Lady Gaga. But, didn’t we see this shit in a Busta Rhymes video from 12 years ago? Finally, how sad is that moment at the end of “Your Love Is My Drug” where she stops and asks if anyone wants to makeout, and like one guy said “Yeah!”

Also, if you don’t already know, she ripped off her sound from Uffie:

Uffie – Ready To Uff (from 2006)

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April 21, 2010

Jon Stewart tells Fox News “Fuck you” via gospel choir.

Last week Stewart told Fox News to go fuck themselves. Hilarious.

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Some idiot on Fox News decided to “speak directly” to Stewart in response. I just don’t think Fox News knows who they’re messing with. Engaging Stewart is a mistake. He doesn’t give a shit, he is under no obligations to have polite decorum, and he has a huge writing and research team behind him. Furthermore, engaging him generates interest and legitimacy to what the Daily Show says. This is a classic moment.

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BTW, have I mentioned Jon Stewart is my hero? Literally. Not as a joke.

April 18, 2010

NPR blames hipsters for low census returns in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

NPR ran a story about how only 36% of Williamsburg residents have returned the census, compared with an overall average of around 50% in New York City.

Click this link to listen to it.

The NPR reporter refers to “ironic mustaches” and “wacky bikes” with derision. They interviewed two bros who work in a record store in Williamsburg, one who says that it’s “just another form” that has nothing to do with “your life”. Apparently all it would take this bro to fill it out is $5. Doesn’t take much to sell out. A girl they interview takes the “damn the man” stance. Some how, the interviewer also realizes the Hasidic Jewish population doesn’t want to return it either. Apparently they’re more alt then the hipsters, since they don’t “watch TV” or pay attention to “mass media”, so they might not be “aware” of the census. The reporter’s conclusion seems to be the Hasidic Jews will fill it out if you make the census “cool”. Idk. There are also two blogs that have taken issue with NPR’s story. I guess they’re not too lazy to whine about unfair characterizations. One blog claims it’s racism on the part of NPR, because they’re ignoring the low turnout rates from minority citizens. Stephen Colbert mentioned it on his show as well. I wonder if this is a bit of “biting the hand that feeds it” since NPR probably has a healthy hipster population as its listenership.

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April 16, 2010

Tracy Morgan kills it again on the Daily Show

“Lotta people out there willing to do something strange for a little bit of change.” –Tracy Morgan.

I literally have tears in my eyes from laughing so hard. When Tracy Morgan was on in February, I said I had never seen Jon Stewart laugh so hard. This time, Stewart begs Tracy to stop.

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April 12, 2010

Fox News H8s Reality

When it comes to nuclear arms reduction treaties, Obama sides with Reagan. Of course, Fox News chooses to ignore that, along with reality.

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April 11, 2010

Tracy Morgan on The Marriage Ref

Along with Kathy Griffin and Nathan Lane. It speaks to how amazing Tracy Morgan is that he completely overshadows Kathy Griffin. Kathy Griffin. And, Nathan Lane is practically a non-entity too. As far as The Marriage Ref (created by Jerry Seinfeld), I think the show is kinda creepy and mean-spirited. But, I find the celebrities interacting with each other to be interesting and funny. Especially because they’re talking about (reasonably) normal, everyday situations in life. Not “being famous” or other self-centered celebrity things. In a way, the show breaks down a wall. The Madonna, Ricky Gervais, Larry David episode is my favorite so far. I’d watch those three do a panel on writing up building codes.

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April 4, 2010

Zooey looks petrified on Letterman

Poor Zooey Deschanel looks literally petrified. Staring off into space with huge, crazy eyes. It’s like she’s never played keyboards and sang at the same time before. Like she’s scared of fucking up a note on national television. She has a really pretty voice though. This makes me want to see She & Him live to see if she always performs like she’s about to shit a brick but trying to hold it in. M. Ward plays like a motherfucker, as usual.

Look at her in an interview with Letterman back in 2002. She stumbles out like a 5th grader doing her first play. Then she compulsively rubs her legs during the whole interview. Total stage fright. This probably makes her more endearing to some dudes. Also, strange to see her with blonde, non-bang hair.

April 2, 2010

Björk talking about her TV.

She finds out the “scientifical truth” and her conclusion is priceless. She’s precious.