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March 6, 2010

Beck – “Round The Bend” live with The Flaming Lips

This is from 2002. I had no idea this PBS concert ever happened. At first you wonder what Wayne Coyne is doing. Then strangely it makes sense. It takes true talent to take what at first seems like a funny artificial premise, and five minutes later it becomes haunting and moving. Of course, the song itself helps. You can find the audio of the whole show on a torrent.

March 4, 2010

Broken Bells – The High Road video

People think James Mercer is this sensitive guy, but according to this video apparently he beats up little kids and goes to roadside strip clubs. The Broken Bells album plays to both him and Danger Mouse’s strengths, though I kept feeling like I was listening to a Beck album.

February 8, 2010

Charlotte Gainsbourg – IRM


I’m sure if you know anything about this album, you know it was written and produced by Beck. So, in many ways this sounds like a Beck album without him singing on it (for the most part). Both opening tracks “Master’s Hand” and title track “IRM” are heavy on the beats and bass. Lots of atmospheric clangs and bells, and eerie synths. But, Charlotte Gainsbourg wraps her voice around each song. She doesn’t quite sound the same from song to song. Whispering on “Le Chat Du Café De Artistes” or sounding clipped and small on “Me And Jane Doe”. She sounds almost robotic on “IRM”, but her background vocals (and Beck’s) make help “IRM” a haunting experience. Yet, Beck’s presence is always felt, both on the beats of “Master’s Hand”, the background vocals on “Greenwich Mean Time”, and the chugging bass guitar of “Trick Pony”. Of course, I can’t help but be reminded of Serge Gainsbourg during a song like “Le Chat Du Café De Artistes”, where Charlotte sings in French. And, tracks like “Le Chat Du Café De Artistes”, “Vanities”, and “Dandelion” have that Histoire De Melody Nelson by way of Sea Change string arrangement. In general, the album bounces around in style, from the shambollic Beatles of Gainsbourg / Beck duet “Heaven Can Wait” to the tribal drumming and Arabic strings on “Voyage”. It’s a different experience than on first album 5:55, except on songs like “Time Of The Assassins” where both song and Charlotte’s singing most match the mood of 5:55. But, on the whole every song on IRM is a good one. Here’s three songs that hopefully show the range of music on IRM.




November 12, 2009

So Sleigh Bells are new, noisy, fun.

Sleigh Bells

I don’t really know much about this group except it’s a guy and girl from Brooklyn (of course). The guy is from Poison The Well, a group I’ve never listened to. They do a purposefully lo-fi, noisy, singsongy punkish thing. Reminds me a little of Bikini Kill / Le Tigre on “A/B Machines”, Beck on “Ring Ring”, and The Ting Tings on “Infinity Guitars”. Here’s the four songs I can find so far on the blogosphere. The overblown bass on “A/B Machines” is some powerful shit.

A/B Machines

Ring Ring

Infinity Guitars

Crown On The Ground

Here’s a link to their Myspace. Remember Myspace?

October 26, 2005

A look into how I think about and appreciate music.

Are there any albums that you liked more over time because you’d get hooked on some of the songs individually? What I mean is, 10,000 Hz Legend by Air was a disappointment. On my first listens, I was only really into “Radian” and “Don’t Be Light”. But, over time I grew to love “Electronic Performers”. And, now I’m really into “Lucky And Unhappy”. Slowly I’m appreciating the entire album.

Have you ever had a song stuck in your head and when you finally listen to it the song sounds even better than you remembered? I recently had that experience with “Scarecrow” from the recent Beck album. Great song.

Sometimes an album takes the right moment for it to hit me. Bjork’s Vespertine is the key example for me. The first few times I listened to it, I wasn’t all that thrilled. One warm morning I put the CD on. I was completely alone in the house. I had the windows open, and it was quiet and still outside. The music hit me like few pieces have ever. I teared up a lot during it. And, it wasn’t out of sadness. Bjork so clearly found this beautiful love and it was all right there in her music. I was single at the time, and it filled me with hope. Other than Automatic For The People it’s my favorite album.

One of the things I most love about music is that one moment in a great song that makes the song great. Here are but six examples:
–There’s a moment 4:30 minutes into “Yr City’s A Sucker” by LCD Soundystem where James Murphy multitracks a wailing vocal.
–The moment 2:15 minutes into “To Hell With Poverty” by Gang Of Four where the song stops and stutters into staccato notes.
–The part 1:35 minutes into “40 Versions” by Wire where the words “Niagara Falls” sounds more sinister then I ever thought they could.
–The disco break about 2:33 minutes into “Greatest Hit” by Annie, especially the little breathing you can hear Annie doing in the background.
–There’s a part of “The Private Psychedelic Reel” by the Chemical Brothers about 3:35 into it where the song literally swallows itself.
–Clinic getting all Beach Boys on you on “2nd Foot Stomp” about 1:26 minutes in.

July 20, 2005

What you should be listening to.

Best of 2005 (Jan – Jun)

10. Death In Vegas – Satan’s Circus
9. Queens Of The Stone Age – Lullabys To Paralyze
8. Gorillaz – Demon Days
7. Beck – Guero
6. Out Hud – Let Us Never Speak Of It Again
5. M.I.A. – Arular
4. Martha Wainwright – self titled
3. The Raveonettes – Pretty In Black
2. Annie – Anniemal
1. Sleater-Kinney – The Woods