My very own Dark Knight post.

The Dark Knight has reached the #1 slot on the IMDB Top 250. That means people are voting for it to be the best movie ever made. It’s #7 on the all time American gross list, all though it’s only #58 when adjusted for inflation. I paid $7.75 for a matinee damnit, haha.

I think it’s an above average action movie with an excellent performance. Let me say I have never been one for comic books and superheroes and the like, with the large exception of Buffy. I think Batman as a character is fairly uninteresting, and Christian Bale does little to change this. I watch a movie like this for the villains. I wanted more of the Joker. It is true, as I’ve read, that he was written and acted to be one of the most complex, interesting villains I’ve ever seen. I tried as hard as I could to see Heath Ledger, not the Joker, and I couldn’t. I also found Aaron Eckhart excellent as Two-Face, and am hoping that’s not the last we see of him. The action scenes, especially the bit with the bazooka, were exciting and suspenseful. I think the dark atmosphere of the movie is appealing, and save for the first Batman movie with Jack Nicholson, the other Batman movies should largely be forgotten if they continue down this route. I should add that I found Batman Begins to be very over-rated, quite boring in fact. Dark Knight lived up to the hype much more. But is it the best movie ever made? No. I think an excellent performance by an actor who died has led to a hyperventilating hyperbole by some people about the movie as a whole. I can more see an argument that it is the best superhero action movie. But only because Heath Ledger as the Joker and the writing of said character’s dialogue pushes the movie to that kind of excellence.


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