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March 11, 2010

Look at the love of my life.

Isn’t she so beautiful? I’m actually really surprised, this is the first time I’ve ever seen photos like this of Christina Ricci.

Ricci Drunk

Taken from this site, which I know nothing about.

September 17, 2009

The Greatest Commercial Ever

I got reminded of this again. Christina Ricci, Dennis Hopper, “Hang On To Your Ego” by the Beach Boys, and directed by the Coen Brothers. Oh, and it’s for Gap.

March 18, 2009

Christina Ricci broke my heart today.

According to The Superficial, Christina Ricci got engaged to this giant duffus. Doesn’t she know she’s supposed to save herself for that chance time we cross paths and she falls in love with me? I’ve loved her since Addams Family. I’m 30 and she’s 29, so that’s not as creepy as it first sounds. I’ve seen all but five or so of her movies, and those she had small parts in. She’s talented, intelligent, has dark childhood issues, and is exactly my type. I’m going to beat this guy up. All Owen Benjamin has done is been on Punk’d and had a role in The House Bunny. I had to look up his damned Wikipedia page. At least when she was with Adam Goldberg she was with someone who was talented and had unconventional looks. I hate Owen Benjamin!

December 6, 2008

Celebrities without makeup.

I got into a conversation with Ian the other day about celebrities without makeup. I started showing him some pictures and he was pretty blown away. If I had control over the world (mwahahahaha) I would insist celebrities greatly cut down or not use makeup, no plastic surgery, etc. I would insist they look like normal people so normal people have accurate role models. I am by no means saying these woman aren’t still pretty. Just, more realistic. So, I thought I’d make a blog post and show some pictures. I’ll follow each with a picture of them all done up. I purposefully picked celebrities whom I personally find very attractive. Except for Holly Madison, whom I am including because it was seeing this picture that started the conversation.

This picture of Holly Madison, the main Playboy Girl Next Door.

Jessica Biel:

The celebrity love of my life, Christina Ricci

Heidi Klum

Jessica Alba

Angelina Jolie

Britney Spears

Scarlett Johansson, pictures of whom seem few and far between

And finally, Kim Kardashian

July 16, 2008


This came up on the Daily Show site’s “Randomizer”

July 16, 2008


Vodpod videos no longer available.

April 2, 2008

Oh Christina Ricci…

…you’re perfect just the way you are.